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Are You Ready to Change the Way That You do Business?

Every successful business eventually reaches the point where future growth depends upon partnering with a qualified and experienced Online Business Manager.

Are you finding yourself tapped-out? You may be feeling like you can't manage your business alone anymore?

I have the mindset that your business is my business, and I am working on your time, in your company as your partner. I work in your business as your partner to help you grow and manager your business. When I am working with my client, I treat their business as if it were my own.

If you navigated over to this web page, then chances are you are ready for some relief in the day-to-day management of your business and you are seeking the right solution.

I excel in serving clients who are:

  • Ready to Stop doing it all and ready to move full steam ahead to GROW Their BUSINESS
  • Ready to Partner with someone who will be their personal first line of defense
  • An achiever, but struggles with a completely full schedule and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, they are running themselves ragged and maybe even feeling guilty about neglecting those who are most important to them
  • Ready to Start making time for self-care
  • Ready to give me their big picture idea and have it fully managed

The Results YOU can expect from working with me are..

Mental Freedom
from knowing all of your projects will be managed and things are getting done. Project management will include:

  • Creation of a project plan, including timeline, process, people and other resources 
  • Setup and maintenance of an online project management tool  
  • Delegating details of the project to various team members  
  • Communication of project status and ongoing details to all players  
  • Following-up with players as necessary to ensure that “stuff gets done” on time
  • Managing the budget for the project

Reduced Stress from having me manage your team. Team Management will include:
  • Identify team needs based on current business goals and projects  
  • Create measures of success for the role  
  • Determine what type of specialist would be the best fit  
  • Craft job posting/details   
  • Filter initial responses and review portfolios  
  • Set up interviews  
  • Narrow choices after initial interviews and request proposal  
  • Set up second interview (if necessary)  
  • Check references from other clients  
  • Making the offer to selected candidate  
  • Ensure there is a signed contract in place for all hires  
  • Create communication plan with new team members  
  • Get them proper information and/or training for their role 
  • Regular reporting on measures of success for their role 
  • 90 day review (for long term) or end of Project review (for project only) 
  • Keeping the team motivated in their work  
  • Handling team challenges as they arise
  • Managing the team budget and expenses

    Increased sense of control over your business from having me manage your operations. Operation Management will include:

  • Review of the key systems needed to run a business, including: customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up and delivery 
  • Creation of processes, tools and players for key systems within the business 
  • Implementation of automated business tools & software to manage various systems 
  • Creation and maintenance of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) guide 
  • Management of all client payments and collections process 
  • Management of systems access and login information 
  • Ensuring there is an effective backup system in place for all information (including the business owner’s computer!) 
  • Establish decision making guidelines for team members

Increased Awareness from having me track your metrics. Tracking Metrics will include:
  • Keeping track of key statistics for the business on a weekly & monthly basis  
  • Setting up a reporting system that includes what to track
  • Analyzing metrics and discussing trends/ patterns with business owner

Increased Income from having me manage your revenue streams. Revenue Streams Management will include:
  • Manage the production and completion of revenue streams including:
  • Books & workbooks 
  • Multimedia products 
  • Membership programs 
  • Virtual events 
  • Live events
  • Coaching Program
  • Manage the setup of any applicable tools or software for different revenue streams (i.e.: setting up a membership site using Wordpress & Wishlist Member) 
  • Manage the deliverability of revenue streams (i.e.: setting up a download page for an ebook)  
  • Ensure customer service is in place to support each revenue stream  
  • Ensure that systems are in place so that new clients get immediate access to their purchases  
  • Manage the ongoing maintenance of revenue streams
  • Review revenue streams on a regular basis to look for outdated information or opportunities to refresh/relaunch

Peaceful mind knowing that all of these projects will be fully managed.  Additional areas of business that will be fully managed include:
  • Ezine schedules 
  • Websites 
  • Marketing implementation 
  • Various launches 
  • JV partnerships 
  • Speaking engagements 
  • Affiliate Programs

Are you ready for some relief in the day-to-day management of your business?

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